Complaints Policy & Procedure

1. Introduction

Tala Training is committed to always providing high quality training as well maintaining high standards in the service provided by all members of staff to both learners and employers. Therefore, we value feedback which assists with evaluating our organisation’s performance and informs quality improvements. If a candidate of Tala Training wishes to lodge a complaint, we want to make this process as straightforward and effective for the candidate as possible. We therefore have a policy and procedure in place which is outlined in this document to assist candidates in understanding our complaints process.


Candidates and employers will have the opportunity to provide feedback whether positive or negative as well as suggestions which could help improve our training/assessment delivery by completing our customer feedback forms. The type of customer feedback form will depend on the training course being undertaken, some accredited training courses have paper feedback forms issued by the awarding body and other feedback forms will be issued electronically via email following completion of training, the course trainer will advise how feedback forms will be issued. Feedback can also be provided in writing marked for the attention of the Office Manager to. or.

Tala Training

4 Spiersbridge Terrace

Thornliebank Industrial Estate


G46 8JH


2. Types of Complaint

 Examples of the types of complaints that can be made:

  • the quality and standard of any service we provide.
  • the quality of our facilities and learning resources.
  • the quality and standards of administrative processes.
  • unfair treatment by a candidate or staff member.


3. What the Complaints Procedure cannot be used for

While learner satisfaction is of upmost importance to Tala Training, we also have a responsibly to comply with awarding body quality assurance criteria to maintain the integrity of qualifications. Tala Training’s complaints procedure cannot be used for challenging assessment decisions, the centre’s Appeals Policy & Procedure should be referred to for matters relating to assessment decisions.


4. Stage 1: Informal Complaint

Candidates have two points of contact that they can issue a complaint to.

A candidate’s first point of contact for a complaint should be to the Office Manager who they can contact via telephone or in writing.

0141 621 4911


5. Stage 2: Formal Complaint

If a candidate makes an informal complaint, they will be advised by the member of centre staff that if they are not satisfied with the outcome, they can escalate the matter to a formal complaint which is to be made in writing. However, candidates can also bypass stage 1 and lodge a formal complaint if the matter is serious or if they would prefer not raise the matter with staff informally.

The Head of Centre will acknowledge receipt of a formal complaint within 10 working days.

Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Head of Centre Martin Markey at:

F.A.O – Martin Markey

4 Spiersbridge Terrace

Thornliebank Industrial Estate


G46 8JH


Formal complaints should be made within 6 months of the date when the issue arose.


6. When an Informal Complaint is Received

Frontline Resolution

Tala Training will aim to investigate and provide a resolution to an informal complaint that the candidate is satisfied with as quickly and effectively as possible and issue a decision in terms of next steps and action already taken within 5 working days. Examples of resolutions could include a written apology, alternate arrangements made, correcting an administrative error.


7. When a Formal Complaint is Received


When a formal complaint is received the Head of Centre will conduct a full investigation into the complaint including any evidence provided by the candidate and any statements or evidence provided by anyone else involved in the complaint. The Head of Centre will then compile a report on the findings and ask a relevant member of staff who is not involved in the complaint to review the findings for example if the issue relates to training resources the Lead Assessor will be asked to review the findings, if it relates to an administrative error the Office Manager will review the findings.


The Head of Centre will then decide and communicate this in writing to the candidate within 10 working days of acknowledging receipt of the complaint.


If the candidate is not happy with the resolution offered by the Head of Centre, they will have the opportunity to respond within 10 working days of the decision being issued. Any response will be considered by the Head of Centre who will send a final decision in writing to the candidate within 5 working days.


8. Escalation of Complaints to awarding body.

If a candidate is not happy with the final decision provided by the Head of Centre they can then escalate their complaint directly with the awarding body for the accredited training course. The Head of Centre will provide the relevant information on how to do this and contact details for the awarding body within their final response.

The awarding body will only consider the complaint if the candidate has already gone through all stages of Tala Training’s complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied with the outcome, or the way in which the complaint was handled.

Awarding bodies will deal with complaints about:

  • assessment — in the broadest sense, including the conduct of, preparation for, and environment for, assessment.
  • dissatisfaction with the way in which the centre handled the complaint.
  • the wider experience of being a candidate (e.g. support services, funding, facilities).


Record Retention

Tala Training will retain information regarding any complaints made against the centre including evidence and reports carried out by staff. This information will also be shared with the relevant awarding body on request.

Tala Training will also use candidate/employer feedback and records of complaints to analyses trends and inform quality enhancement.  


Published: June 2018

Reviewed: June 2020, June 2022

Updated: January 2023