PASMA: Work at Height (Novice)

PASMA: Work at Height (Novice)

PASMA: Work at Height (Novice)

Is working at height all new to you? Have you changed job and suddenly you’re supposed to know what equipment is available, what inspections need done and how to keep yourself and others safe?
This course won’t teach you everything you need to know – you'd need longer than half a day for that! – but we promise you’ll go home with a clear understanding of your responsibilities and an action plan for what you need to do next.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone who works at height, in any sector, and particularly those who are new to it.


Half-Day Course

Aims and Objectives

PASMA Work at Height (Novice) is the training course you need to get up to speed on the basics of height safety. Spend half a day at an approved PASMA training centre with an expert instructor and go back to work knowing:

  • How to comply with your duties under the Work at Height Regulations
  • What access equipment is available
  • What training and guidance is available for working at height


  • In this theory-based course, you will learn about:
  • Law, regulations, guidance and good practice relating to work at height
  • An employee’s responsibilities
  • What guidance and training is available
  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency and rescue planning
  • Inspecting equipment
  • Where to find crucial safety information
  • Different types of access equipment
  • Selecting appropriate access equipment
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Working on roofs
  • Fragile surfaces
  • Fall protection


Delegates will receive a card and certificate following completion of the course which will be valid for 5 years.


Classroom-based theory training.

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