FUNDED SVQ Vocational Qualifications


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Free Vocational Qualifications available from TALA Training


The levels of SVQ are designed to prepare you for different roles on the site.

The Level 2 SVQ prepares you for most general construction work, including activities that are beyond the day-to-day routine. A Level 3 SVQ introduces supervisory skills, a Level 4 SVQ will give you site management skills, while a Level 5 SVQ introduces senior management skills.

This gives companies and employees a clear path of advancement, allowing employees to learn new skills when they are ready.

As you advance through the SVQ levels, you will be able to apply for the relevant CSCS Card. An SVQ Level 2 will allow you to apply for the CSCS Blue card, all the way to Level 5, which will allow you to apply for the CSCS Black Card.

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